If you’re Self Employed, Employed, Small Business Owner, Redundant, soon to be Redundant or Un-Employed, could a Coach be the answer you’re looking for?

Anyone who has experienced coaching will tell you that it has changed their life for the better. If you have an area of life that you want to improve, then coaching can be just what you need and here’s why…..

Are you:
Feeling stuck or trapped in your career?
Feeling overwhelmed and under satisfied in your life?
Feeling overloaded with home/family commitments?
Struggling to find a work/life balance that suits you?
Feeling you’ve got unachieved ambitions & potential in life?
Wanting to move on with your life but not sure how?
Feeling you are not living the life you want?

Would you like to:
Define and action a fulfilling career path in an easy & enjoyable way?
Create a meaningful life with passion and purpose?
Be able to manage family/life commitments with ease?
Define your values and do more of what’s important to you in life?
Overcome limiting beliefs & negative habits to reach your potential?
Take stock of where you are now, work out exactly where you want to be and be able to create easily actionable steps to get you there?
Know what you want, Get what you want & want what you have?
Be Happier, Healthier and Wealthier?

If you’ve said yes to any of the above, then you’re the perfect candidate to reap the benefits of personal coaching. Together with Paramount Coaching, you can permanently close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be with our completely confidential, professional coaching packages and programmes.

Contact Loran now to discuss how coaching can help you and if appropriate, arrange a complimentary, completely confidential 15 minute telephone session.

Tel: +44 77 09 56 4426


FAQ’s about Coaching…

What is Coaching?
Coaching is an interactive 2-way process, in which the coach guides and facilitates the client’s own decisions and progress towards their wanted goals. These can be goals regarding self confidence, stress, career changes, relationships, work/life balance, financial matters, overcoming fears and anxieties, or perhaps just a general sinking feeling that your life is just not what you expected it to be. The coach enables the client to first highlight their specific challenge in life, identify what they really want to achieve, personally or professionally, and then supports and guides them as they set and achieve their goals. The coach keeps the client focused, motivated, accountable and on track. The coach aids the client to become aware of and then overcome any challenges and obstacles in their way.

How is it done?
There are various programmes on offer (See page for more information)
Coaching can be a one-to-one relationship between a client and the coach, or a one-to-many relationship, if group coaching is preferred. Regular sessions are made, either face to face, or via telephone/skype, with a progressive agreed action plan undertaken by the client between each session. Tasks and exercises will be agreed between the client and the coach, and e-mail support between sessions is available if required. Normally a coaching relationship will last between 3 months and 6 months, and clients will begin to enjoy the positive benefits from the very first session. The coaching relationship can of course last be extended after the programme end.

Does a client need any specific skills?
There are no specific skills needed to benefit from the effects of coaching. Though a want to change will make the process even more effective!

Who is the coach?
Loran Northey is a highly qualified coach (see portfolio page) with over six years experience as a coaching and training provider. Loran has been trained by the best in the business, has qualifications in Teaching, Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuro Re Patterning / Re Programming, Transformational Processes & Digital Coaching and has enjoyed a long and successful career within the corporate & private sectors with training delivery.

Contact Loran now to discuss how coaching can help you and if appropriate, arrange a complimentary, completely confidential 15 minute telephone session.

Tel:      +44 77 09 56 4426

Registered with Hypnotherapy Directory

MAPHP (ACC.) Member of Association for Professional Hypnosis & Psychotherapy

Member of Complementary & National Healthcare Council

Member of Institute for Learning


Member of National Register of Psychotherapists & Counsellors (UK)

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