Teen & PreTeen Development Programmes

Youth & Teenage Development Programmes

IF – You, your teenager or young person – suffer with:

Life pressures, feelings of overwhelm, excessive anxiety, communication difficulties, lack confidence, depression & mental health issues, are overly concerned with their appearance, behaviour, friends, what others think – in order to ‘fit in’, cannot channel anger or frustration in a positive way, have feelings of insecurity & confusion, an eating disorder, excessive fear or phobia, learning challenges or difficulties, bullying, having no direction or goals in life, unfocussed, feeling-its all too much effort & nothings worth it, what’s the point? etc.
Any adolescent challenge or problem, that is holding them back from their full potential.

If you can relate to any of the above, then keep reading!

Why this development programme?

• Sessions are informal & life changing
• Strictly confidential, between coach & youth
• You are listened to, without judgement
• Techniques are fun and easy to follow
• Positive changes start immediately
• It gives you your own secret personal power
• Develops confidence & resourcefulness
• Will make you into the person, you want to be
• Assist you to build the future you really want!

Sessions are designed entirely for the individual to get the results they want.

Personal Training is available in various locations and in-home coaching available on request. Online and telecoaching sessions are proving even more popular now and is also another option offered.

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To your success!

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