From the time we are born we are collecting information and experiences. As we evolve through life we collect snippets from here and snippets from there to form our perception of the world we live in.

Sometimes what we collect is really useful and sometimes we collect ‘stuff’ from others that we could really do without, fears, anxieties, judgements, etc.

This is life!

The great thing about life is that we can live it anyway we want and it all begins with ACCEPTANCE. By accepting where we are now and were we want to be, we can start planning to make changes.

In the BEGINNING we need to plan a route forward, decide why we want to go there and what for?

Once we have made the CONNECTION of why we want what we want and how we are going to move forward, then we can allow our IMAGINATION to run riot and come up with millions of possibilities on how we can bring this to fruition.

By using ACCEPTANCE we can decide what tasks we can do ourselves and what we can pass onto others, we can see where we can change things and where we have to accept that for now, they will stay that way. This brings us choice and flexibility.

By using a COLLECTION of minds, resources and people – we usually find the way, even if it’s not clear to us!

Sometimes, you have to trust that your dream will come true, say it aloud, write it down, draw it, focus on it, visualize it and step into that visualization and really ‘live’ it!

There is a belief that ‘what you think about you bring about’ or ‘where focus goes energy flows’.

So keep believing, start at the BEGINNING, absorb a COLLECTION of ideas & possibilities, fire up your IMAGINATION using mind-maps, visualization, meditations and such like, make that CONNECTION with all that there is and make the most of the ACCEPTANCE being shown to you, if you can change it find a way, if not, find a way around it, over it or threw it!

Like the serenity prayer says:

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