Gastric Hypno Band Programme

Do you want to get rid of your excess weight quickly, effectively and permanently without paying £1000.00′s, having to go overseas for a cheaper option or going under the knife?

‘Gastric Hypno Band’ Programmes and procedures have been shown alot in the press and the media lately because of their amazing results with overweight and obese clients helping them to get rid of their excess fat, easily and effectively.

Once you have had your own Gastric Hypno Band and you have achieved your ideal weight for your height and body type you then have the choice to return and have your Gastric Hypno Band adjusted, enabling you to manage your new weight easily within your healthier lifestyle.

Loran Northey is fully licensed and experienced in performing the Gastric Hypno Band procedure, trained by internationally acclaimed Integrated Therapy Trainer, Kimberley Tylor.


What is Gastric Hypno Band?

Gastric Hypno Band is a powerful and completely natural technique that uses the power of your mind to fit a ‘Virtual Gastric Band’ to your stomach. The Gastric Hypno Band restricts the amount of food that reaches the stomach resulting in a decrease in appetite and food consumption. Exactly the same as the Gastric Band Surgical Procedure.

Does the ‘Gastric Hypno Band’ Procedure involve surgery?

No, Not at all! A ‘Gastric Hypno Band’ is a completely non-invasive procedure, using NLP, Hypnosis, Hypnotic CBT and Nutritional Training.

Does it Hurt?

Absolutely not! It’s a very comfortable and relaxing experience. You will leave feeling calm and refreshed.


What are the possible complications?

The ‘Gastric Hypno Band’ has absolutely no side effects as it is a completely natural and hypnotic process. No physical intervention takes place at all. The ‘Gastric Hypno Band’ is a completely safe & pain-free procedure.

Will I be in control and know what’s going on when I’m hypnotised?

Yes, you will remain in control throughout the whole procedure whilst also feeling very, very relaxed. This procedure is nothing like stage or TV hypnosis, which is designed for entertainment and not therapeutic purposes. When in a hypnotic state, you are probably the most in control of your own body and mind than at any other time!

How do I find out of I’m suitable for the ‘Gastric Hypno Band’ Programme?

First and foremost is that you fully commit to your weight reduction programme. That you actually want to be slimmer and are prepared to make the changes required to make that happen. As with any Gastric Band Procedure, surgical or hypnotic, certain rules have to be set and adhered to for it to be successful.

In general, client’s who have a BMI higher than 30 are suitable for the programme, on exception clients with a BMI of 25-30 may be suitable with their GP’s consent.

If you fit the above criteria, the next step is a consultation to discuss your current and past eating habits, weight and lifestyle. The results of this will outline your personal suitability to undergo the programme.

Note: If your BMI is less than 25 meaning that you are unsuitable for the ‘Gastric Hypno Band’ Procedure know that you could be suitable for our extremely effective ‘Why Weight? – Weight Reduction Programme’ so again, contact us for your consultation.

How successful is the ‘ Gastric Hypno Band?

Like any other Gastric Band Procedure, you will have to adapt your lifestyle to obtain and maintain the change. YOU are the key factor in your own success! Like any other weight loss system you must be committed to changing your lifestyle to gain the maximum results. The fact that you are reading this far into the page means that you are serious about becoming slimmer and therefore (if your BMI is over 30) suitable for this programme. The ‘Gastric Hypno Band’ is a unique and very powerful technique that will provide you with the psychological tools, committment and motivated mindset to not only get rid of your excess weight but to obtain and maintain your new healthier lifestyle.

Do you provide a guarantee?

Like any medical or therapeutic procedure no definite guarantee’s can be given. Neither your consultant/therapist or a surgical doctor can guarantee the results of a gastric band procedure. However the ‘Gastric Hypno Band’ has been proven to be highly effective in aiding weightloss in at least 70-80% of clients.

However, for your peace of mind and to help protect your investment in yourself as we are so confident in our programme we will offer you our own unique promise. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your personal results, we will offer you our unique ‘ Why Weight?’ Weight Reduction Programme.

It is important to understand that it is YOU that is the fundamental factor in this programme’s success. Your mind is a very powerful instrument and by using the ‘Gastric Hypno Band’ programme’s teachings you will have the power and committment to change your eating habits. The only way to reduce your weight is to eat less and move more! The ‘Gastric Hypno Band’ programme helps you to easily and effortlessly change the way you feel about food which allows you to change your eating habits and behaviours and start making healthier choices, creating long term lasting change.

What does Your ‘Gastric Hypno Band’ Programme consist of?

You will have an initial consultation where we will distinguish your eating habits, behaviours, history and possible triggers and anxieties that have been causing your negative eating habits. This consultation will estabish your suitability for the programme, if it transpires that you are not meeting the criteria for this programme then you will be offered our alternative weight reduction programme and/or other alternatives.

If you are a suitable candidate for the programme your course of treatment is as below:

‘Gastric Hypno Band’ – Session 1

After a full personal diagnostic on your current behaviours, habits and mindset around your weight, food & lifestyle. Your medical history is taken and a client intake form is completed. A contract signed by both of us. The full process is explained and you have the chance to ask any questions you may have. A detailed questionnaire determines how and why you have a weight issue. Any unhelpful thoughts or behaviours will be discussed.

This is your first hypnosis session. This session allows your unconscious mind to start accepting new and empowering hypnotic suggestions. Information from your diagnostic will be used to specifically tailor this hypnosis session just for you.

You will receive a customised CD to take away with you to listen to every day until your 2nd session. You will also be asked to keep a simple food diary, which is to be completed throughout the whole process. This allows you to easily monitor your ongoing progress.

‘Gastric Hypno Band’ – Session 2

Firstly, your progress from session 1 will be diagnosed and we will assess your new way of eating and what positive changes have already been made. Secondly, you will undergo an extremely important part of the programme where we will complete a clearing process to rid you of any psychological and/or emotional reasons for your weight issues. You will experience hypnosis, relaxation and visualisation in this potentially life transforming session. In this session you will be given instructions on what to do to prepare for session 3 and you will be given a CD to listen to every day until session 3.

Note: You will have had a telephone consultation plus the initial session by now and noticing weight reduction already!

‘Gastric Hypno Band’ Surgery – Session 3.

Sessions 1 & 2 plus listening to the CD’s as instructed, have fully prepared you for this non-invasive procedure. Most clients feel excited about this session and cannot wait to start! A few are slightly apprehensive, both reactions are perfectly normal. Although you will have started seeing results in your weight reduction already, this session will dramatically change your results! Your mind is taken through the process of the actual surgery using deep hypnotic suggestion. Your unconscious mind will fully experience your gastric band insertion, however you will experience no surgical side effects, like discomfort or wooziness, post op!. As a result your mind now sees your stomach as smaller, meaning that you only consume smaller portions of nutritious food. You will awaken from this session refreshed, energised and excited to go out and start the life you really want to live!

Leading up to and following this session you will be asked to follow some routine pre and post op instructions and you will be given your post op ‘Gastric Hypno Band’ CD and in some instances 2 x CD’s that you must listen to everyday as directed. The relaxing post op CD will reinforce your unconscious mind to cement the incredible changes that you have made to your appetite and your stomach capacity now that you have successfully completed your ‘Gastric Hypno Band’ procedure.

‘Gastric Hypno Band’ – Session 4

This session is available to clients who feel that they require a ‘Gastric Hypno Band’ adjustment. However, this request is extremely rare and this session is usually a follow-up session on your progress and a celebration of achievement!. Session 4 is ideally 6/8 weeks after your surgery session.

How do I know if I’m a suitable candidate?

Firstly you have to ask yourself for an honest answer, how much do you want to lose weight and change your lifestyle? Remember that as well as the virtual surgical procedure there are guidelines and instructions for you to follow to get the results you want. The Progamme is designed for people with a BMI of 30+. The BMI is a measurement of your body fat to weigh ratio, the higher your BMI rate the higher your risk to health problems from weight issues.

See page bottom to check your BMI

Where can I have it done?

The programmes are available from various venues internationally.

In the UK, the venues are in Harley Street London W1G, Tadley Hampshire, Sunbury On Thames Middx.

If you are interested in having the procedure outside the UK then please contact us directly on (+44) 7709 564426 or alternatively email on

How long will it take?

The actual sessions are approximately an hour long each but please allow an Hour and a half for each session.

The whole process can be undergone in 4 weeks – however specific details and time periods will be determined after your inital consultation and suited entirely to your needs.

What does it cost?


All lifestyle change sheets

Unlimited Email Support

Customised CD’s

Note: This programme is not for everyone, if you are not 100% committed to change, if you are not willing or able to listen to the CD’s regularly as directed, complete your Food Diary or follow all simple instructions given to you for your success, then this programme is NOT for you!


The cost for the Programme (including the above) is only £497.00!

All costs are charged prior to the first session commences.

Payments are by PayPal, Cash or Cheque Only.

Gift Vouchers Available!

Remember: This is probably the best investment you can ever make for yourself – creating the ideal YOU!



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Look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards

Loran Northey HYP Dip (HPD), MAPHP

Important : If you are time restrained or unable to travel and would like to discuss having the process (or any other Programme) via Skype, Please call Loran on +44 77 09 56 4426 or alternatively Email on or Skype: loran.northey Twitter & Facebook: lorannorthey – Look forward to hearing from you!

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