Simply Slim! Programme

Why Weight? To live life a slim and satisfied person….

Are you fed up and discouraged by trying to lose weight?
Do you feel you are getting nowhere fast with your slimming attempts?
Do you feel doomed to starve yourself for the rest of your life to get slim?
Do you think that craving the food you want will haunt you for ever?

Are the only results you’ve made so far is to lose weight and then gain it back again!

Do you want to go from Snacker


  To Cracker?! 


Yes, then carry on reading…..

This weight reduction programme can easily re-programme your thinking, change your habits and re-model your body shape and size without any punishing sacrifices or gruelling routines required.

Note: Diets are seen by your Un-Conscious as a punishment. Not only do they not work long-term but they negatively affect your self- esteem by continually proving to you that you cannot lose weight and keep it off!

The only way to rid yourself of the excess weight you are carrying is to work with your body and mind, not against it, like when dieting. This programme works with you to easily train you how to change your thinking and relationship to food, meaning that you can relate to food differently, becoming satisfied much sooner.

Any negative eating patterns such as over eating or under eating have emotional causes. These must be addressed and rectified to allow you to rid yourself of your excess fat and weight and to stay happily at that new size permanently.

Basically, Comfort eating to ‘fill a gap’, ‘feel better’ ‘pack a void’ if dealt with by going on a diet, the results will only be temporary as the need for the food will still be there and your unconscious mind will coax you back into falling off the wagon and overeating again! It’s a vicious circle, but there is something that works……

The Simply Slim! Weight Reduction Programme is the answer you are looking for, for permanent and natural weight reduction.

This Weight Reduction Programme consists of 4 Sessions.

Session 1

A detailed diagnostic assessment will be taken. A Contract will be signed by both parties. A Weight history, Diet history including eating habits, behaviours and possible food triggers will be discussed in detail. Ideal weight and time frame to achieve will be discussed and an easy action plan to your weight success will be implemented.

The 2nd part of this session you will experience your first relaxation with some hypnotic suggestion. A Mental Massage! At the end of this session, you will feel enthusiastic to achieve your desired results. You will have a simple food diary to complete, some simple and effective changes to implement that will benefit your weight reduction immediately.

You will be given a CD to listen to as directed until your next session, which will be in approx. a week.

Session 2

Initially, an assessment is made of your progress since session 1 by analysing your food diary, dietary changes and different eating habits. Your progress is then monitored and your plan will be adjusted for your individual needs and personal success. You will notice a reduction in your weight already!

Next, a therapeutic process is undertaken that cleanses your mind of any negative associations towards food and / or eating habits. This technique allows you to free yourself of those old habits and beliefs that have been holding you back. This session in itself can be life transforming in itself – You will leave this session feeling different to how you came in!

You will be given a CD to listen to as directed, until session 3. This CD will train your mind to reduce stress, get rid of any anxiety and relate differently to food. Your next session will be in approx. 10-14 days.

Session 3

After reassessing your current progress and achievement. This session is full of easy to learn, simple change techniques that will allow you to reinforce your new behaviours, thoughts and habits. So that you leave as feeling and acting like a slim and satisfied individual, who lives a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. This session will dramatically improve your weight reduction results!

You will be asked to complete your food diary as a way to monitor your progress further, plus listen to your CD as directed for another 14 days.

Session 4

This session is usually at the client’s request, approximately 6/8 weeks after session 3. This is a session to make any adjustments required to enhance your weight reduction or improved eating habits and to celebrate your success!

Warning: This programme is not for everyone!

This programme is only for people who are serious about reducing their weight. People who are willing to make the commitment to change and who are willing to make simple changes to become slimmer and happier.

Techniques: Using a tried and tested age regression technique we shall investigate the roots of your weight issues to ensure that all the causes are highlighted and resolved. Eating disorders can be connected with unhappiness, comfort and low self- esteem, so we need to look at the causes of this and simply change your approach . Using Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques, we can work to reprogram your mind in a more beneficial way. Not only will we be able to install a healthier and more satisfying way of eating, but you will become motivated to move more, so that you enjoy whatever exercise you choose to do, integrating these changes easily into your every day life!

There are a few of the population who seem to eat healthily and moderately and despite this fact, they are overweight. This seems unfair and very frustrating for them. Food is not always the cause of excessive weight: emotional and psychological issues can be responsible for it and they need to be addressed using specific therapies which have nothing to do with diets. Once they are resolved, the weight issue can naturally disappear, many times along with other ‘life stresses’.

Hypnosis, NLP, Visualisation and other mind skill techniques used within this programme are carefully selected so that you get the best results. All techniques are natural mind processes and a completely safe way to rid yourself of old habits and behaviours that have been holding you back, for years!

By completing this programme you can take the easy way to being slim!

Simply Slim! Weight Management Program

This is an in-depth, all-inclusive program, perfectly structured and tailored to your own personal situation. It is not relevant whether you have a few pounds or a few stone to get rid of, I shall guide you carefully and easily to reach your weight goal without any sacrifice, any frustration, any deprivation, and you will however discover that reducing your weight can be simple, easy and empowering. It can be a rewarding way to increase your self-esteem and self-worth. You will get rid of your weight by shedding those extra pounds at a regular rate between two and five pounds per week and you will continue in this way until you have become within your correct BMI range.


Only £450.00

Payment can be made by PayPal, Cheque or Cash prior to or at the first session.

(Payment options can also be organised, if required)

Gift Vouchers are available


Fir Tree Clinic, Tadley, Hants.

Quiet and tranquil in a rural setting!



The Clinic, Sunbury, Mx – Great location, free parking and comfortable enviroment!

Harley Street, London, W1G

Presigious Therapy Rooms in Central London!


For those clients who are international, who are unable to travel or perhaps have time constraints – please call on +44 77 09 56 4426 to arrange the programme to be delivered via Skype.

The Sinmply Slim! Weight Reduction Programme incudes:

Four sessions over Six weeks. Through a combination of Hypnosis, NLP & other Integrated Therapies. I shall guide you to an easy and successful results in just six weeks and from then on you will be self-sufficient for the rest of your life.

Your weight problems will only be a distant memory of the past!

During the sessions we shall explore your present situation (eating habits, life-style, emotional background..) and we shall plan changes that will make you more aware of your needs and of how to fulfil them. I will teach you how to deal with any social pressures and social conditioning and we will investigate and work on the roots of your weight problems so that you can move forward towards a more satisfying life.

 The sessions will include :

Aversion therapy, our unique stomach shrinking technique, self-hypnosis and much more!

 ~ FREE change sheets to be used throughout the programme to enhance your results and provide evidence of progress.

 ~ Unlimited Email Support. Throughout Programme and afterwards. (Telephone if you’re not online)

 ~ FREE Weight Maintenance CD to support and motivate you throughout your journey to becoming a slimmer and healthier person.

 ~ Security of a set fee once without worrying about the length of the sessions. (Sessions may extend the time allotted if the Trainer thinks it necessary for the best results, please give an extra 1/2 hour’s grace to each appointment)

 ~ The Peace of Mind of knowing that you’re guided by an expert, a highly qualified and experienced, International Hypnotherapist/NLP Trainer.

You also have an alternative option!

Group Sessions: Reducing Your Weight Program

Join me in this inexpensive Group Session Programme, you will be in a friendly and supportive environment, in these interactive and fun sessions not only will you reduce your weight but you’ll make some new friends too!

~ Small Groups only. (Max 10)

~ Four weekly meetings of 60 /90 minutes each. (Depending on group size)

~ FREE Subliminal Weight Management CD to support you and motivate you on your way to a slim and healthy body.

~ For only £30 per session you will be guided through various techniques including our unique stomach shrinking technique.

Note: Limited places and availability for this sought after option, please contact me to discuss whether this program is suitable for you and to check the next available dates.

Complementary CDs

As part of our Why Weight? Weight Management Programme we are happy to offer two new CDs which will help you to reduce your weight in a natural and healthy way while you rest!

~ The Virtual Exerciser!

Exercise your body while you rest! Reduce your weight through virtual movement and powerful hypnotic suggestion, all whilst your body reenrgises and rejuvenates itself!

 ~ Mind and Body Rebalancing

Gently and naturally rebalance your metabolism, digestive system and your mind & body’s natural alignment, while you are resting!

These CDs are sold at £20.00 (including First Class P&P in the UK), but we offer them for a reduced price of £15.00 to all our clients who attend any sessions with us.


Looking for a restful, motivating and inspiring way to get slim, lose your stress, meet new friends and have some fun?

Well, we’ve got the answer for you – Our Retreats!

 Come along and experience good company, good food, weight reduction programme, Virtual Gastric Hypno Band (if suitable), Detox (if relevant) Kineseology, Pilates, Nutritional Training and much, much more.

For our next ‘Get Fit – For Xmas’ Retreat details will be released soon, if you would like to be put on our primary list to send the information to please email us your interest. (Limited availability)

Please contact us on + 44 77 09 564426 or alternatively email on to book you FREE initial 15 min consultation, NOW!

I look forward to working with you to assist you in creating the ideal body weight, size and shape for you!

All the best! 

Loran Northey

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